Risk of infection is a state in which an individual is at risk to be invaded by an opportunistic or pathogenic agent
(virus, fungus, bacteria, protozoa, or other parasite) from endogenous or exogenous sources” (NANDA in 1986).
Although anyone can become infected by a pathogen, patients with this diagnosis are at an elevated risk and extra infection controls should be considered.

Risk Factors:

inadequate primary defenses (e.g., broken skin, traumatized tissue, decrease in ciliary action, stasis of body fluids, change in pH secretions, altered peristalsis)
inadequate secondary defenses (e.g., decreased hemoglobin, leukopenia, suppressed inflammatory response);
insufficient knowledge regarding avoidance of exposure to pathogens;
trauma; tissue destruction and increased environmental exposure; rupture of amniotic membranes; Invasive procedures; ; chronic disease.
pharmaceutical agents (e.g., immunosuppressants); malnutrition; increased environmental exposure to pathogens; immunosuppression;
inadequate acquired immunity;


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